Top 5 Ways to Market Your El Paso Rental Property

It’s important to market your property, otherwise nobody will know that the home is on the rental market. Once you have started a marketing campaign, it’s important that you cast a wide net towards potential tenants. You want to maximize the number of people who see the property. This allows for a greater number of people to select from when you’re choosing the next tenant.

Greater exposure is always best.

Online Rental Listings: Photos and Description

It’s essential to take and post photos of the property, or people won’t be interested in your listing. They need to be able to see the home and its features. Good, high-quality photos displaying what the property offers will leave potential tenants wanting to know more. It’s also crucial to include a description of the property. Include whether it’s a single-family home and how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has. If it’s an apartment, make sure your ad mentions what floor it’s on.

This will make the property interesting to others. Make sure to include the terms and conditions of the rental, such as occupancy rules, term of the lease, move-in date, whether pets are allowed, etc. You also want your listing to reflect the amount of rent and the security deposit. Making this clear ahead of time will lead to less confusion later.

Make sure to list the property online and make a splash. Research must be done to find where the best place to post the listing is, depending upon the type of property, its location, and the goal of the owner. Make sure to include the photos of the property, as well as the description and terms, in the post on the Internet.

Professional Signage at the Property

Signage at house advertises that the home is available to rent for anybody that passes by. Most of the people who spot the sign while they drive or walk by will be people already in the area or interested in the area. Perhaps your sign will get the attention of a neighbor who knows someone looking for a home.

C21 Haggerty Website

All of the properties we manage that are ready for rental are promoted on our website. It’s easy to navigate and all the available properties are right on one page, with additional information to consider. Working with a professional El Paso property management company gives you many additional resources during the marketing of your home, including a stronger online presence.

Renting to Military Members

Marketing your El Paso rental propertyWith the U.S. Air Force Academy in El Paso, there will be a number of potential tenants that belong to the military. There are specific websites for military tenants, and you should market to those sites when you’re interested in renting to people in the military. They often move frequently, but they can make excellent short-term tenants.

If you need help marketing your El Paso rental property, please contact us at Century 21 Haggerty Property Management.


Posted by: Rob Carillo on May 24, 2019
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