How to Be a Good Resident of an El Paso Rental Property

At Century 21 Haggerty, we love working with tenants who are reliable, responsible, and willing to communicate with us to ensure everyone has a positive and productive rental experience. If you’re moving into one of our properties, we have some advice on how to work with us and maintain your rental property.

Be Timely with Rental Payments

Paying the rent on time is important! It creates less stress for both the resident and the owner. It avoids the drama and confusion of evictions. When you pay rent on time, you set a good precedent for your tenancy and it allows us to tell future landlords and property managers that you’re a great tenant. Being proactive now leads to a better rental future for you and a more positive relationship with us. We make it easy for you with online rental payments.

Report Maintenance Issues Promptly

Report any property maintenance issues as soon as they arise. This will fix the problems as quickly as possible and prevent further damage from occurring. The sooner an issue is reported, the less chance that it will get worse. Over time, wear and tear issues occur. People make mistakes and cause problems to arise. Whatever the cause of the problem, it’s important to alert us as soon as possible so we can make the necessary repairs.

Utilize Your Online Portal

We make it easy for you to complete tasks online. Rent may be paid online, which is quicker and more convenient for you and for us. Not only can you pay rent every month; you can also schedule future or recurring payments. You can also request maintenance and submit work orders online. You’ll be able to see that a contractor has been contacted, and you can follow the progression of the repair. Tenants appreciate that they can even see contact information for the vendors and contractors who are sent out to make the repair. This allows you to schedule times and coordinate directly with our third-party contractors. It allows the work to happen faster and with minimal disruption to your schedule.

Your tenant portal is an efficient and secure way to share information with your El Paso property management team. Use it to send us messages or view documents such as your lease agreement.

Keep Your Home Clean

Century 21 Haggerty Property ManagementIt helps to keep your property clean and tidy. We know that everyone has different standards of cleanliness, but when you stay on top of cleaning and maintenance, you won’t have big messes to clean up and you won’t attract pests and rodents. When you move out, you’ll be expected to return the property in the same condition it was in when you moved into the home. If you keep up with daily cleaning, you won’t have a huge project to worry about during move-out.

Whether you’re thinking about renting one of our properties or you’re already living in one, we welcome questions and conversations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Century 21 Haggerty Property Management if you have any questions or need any residential help.

Posted by: Rob Carillo on June 7, 2019
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